Taipan Sauces

Taipan Sauces

Taipan Black Bean Sauce Taipan Black Bean Sauce is a delicious blend of aged soy beans and exotic spices that is ideal when used to flavour a stir fry of vegetables, meats and noodles or a steamed dish of pork or chicken. As with any of our other Taipan sauces, experiment and you'll create many new and exciting dishes.

Taipan Hoisin Sauce Taipan Hoisin Sauce is ideal when used in a glaze for meats while barbequing or roasting. As it is a condiment that is used in many Chinese recipes, it will be a sauce that you'll definitely want on hand all of the time. Made from a soy bean paste and a special blend of aromatic spices, this sauce will definitely be a hit.

Taipan Oyster Sauce A delicious, thick sauce which is used to enhance natural meat and vegetable flavours. Use as a marinade or in any hot braising or stir fry recipes.

Taipan Stir Fry Sauce A wonderful flavour-enhancing sauce for marinades, hot braising or stir fry recipes.

Taipan Honey Garlic Sauce Ideal for all garlic flavouring in place of garlic cloves, such as Honey Garlic Spareribs. Use as a hot covering sauce or a cold dip for any finger foods.

Taipan Sweet & Sour Sauce A blended sauce of spices, vinegar and sugar ideal with deep fried pork, chicken or shrimp. Also use as a hot sauce or cold dip.

Taipan Plum Sauce A fruity, sweet sauce, commonly used as a dipping sauce. Great on egg rolls or any deep fried finger foods. Our Plum Sauce is made from pure plum no pumpkin substitute.

Taipan Teriyaki Sauce As a marinade for barbequing or a sauce for a stir fry, Taipan Teriyaki Sauce is delicious and so easy to use. The aroma when cooking with this sauce is indescribable and this sauce will quickly become a family favourite.
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