Taipan Misc

Taipan Miscellaneous

Taipan 5 Spice Taipan 5 spice is a truly exotic blend of Fennel, Coriander, Star Anise, Cassia and Mandarin Peel. This wonderful spice is widely used in Asian cooking and as a rub for many types of meats that are barbequed or roasted.

Taipan Fortune Cookies The perfect end to a delicious Asian inspired meal is to serve some Taipan Fortune Cookies. These delicious crisp snacks also have hidden messages of good fortune that everyone will enjoy.

Taipan Rice Vinegar Enjoy our delicately flavoured rice vinegar that can only be produced by authentic Japanese brewers who have perfected their craft over many generations. While ideally suited to flavour a salad or used in the preparation of sushi, there are endless recipes that would be enhanced by the mellow yet slightly tangy flavor of this vinegar.

Taipan Sesame Seeds To enhance the flavour of our Taipan Sesame Seeds, we carefully roast them to unlock all of their natural flavour and goodness. Normally used as a garnish on many Asian inspired dishes, they're also terrific when sprinkled over your favorite salad.

Taipan Sesame Oil The deep amber colour of Taipan Sesame Oil is indicative of the richness and delectable flavour you'll experience when used in the preparation of any Asian inspired dish. While pure Sesame oil is usually too overpowering when used as a condiment in preparing Asian inspired dishes, we have carefully added a measure of soy bean oil to our sesame oil to create a softer blend that while not overpowering, will actually accentuate the slightly nutty flavour that everyone enjoys.

Taipan Tempura Batter Enjoy our authentic Japanese Tempura batter when preparing all types of seafood, chicken and vegetables for deep frying. Always light and crisp, an ideal coating for anything from shrimp to broccoli. Served with any of our delicious Taipan dipping sauces ... perfect.
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